Victorian Matched Set of Diamond Pearl Gold Bangles

Victorian Matched Set of Diamond Pearl Gold Bangles

C.1860-1870. A gorgeous pair of Victorian matched set of gold bangle bracelets. The matched pair of Victorian bracelets like this is called ‘wedding bracelets’ as they were given to a bride for marriage. It is rare to find a stunning pair like this, as they were often separated between daughters or other female family members.

These bangles feature finely done granulation work and rope details around rose cut diamonds and pearls. The hinge and push clasp are all secure and in great working order. Safety chains for extra security. They are 18k yellow gold, and in great condition without missing any granulation work or details.

Width: 10mm
Inner Circumference: Approximately 6.30"

*The last photo shows our 'Pair of Victorian Matched Set of Gold Bangles' together on model's wrists. 

$ 6,900