Leen Heyne

Leen Heyne Snake ring

LAELIUS is delighted to introduce the beautiful work of Leen Heyne, with our newly curated ‘modern’ jewelry launch. We immediately felt a connection when we discovered his pieces that reflect elegant modernity and refined structure. Yet, there is still a correlation to ancient goldsmithing in his work. Heyne utilizes and pays tribute to traditional and ancient art of goldsmithing, bringing together the past with the present.

Each piece of his work is exquisitely hand-fabricated with a single strip of gold. The "folds" and "twists" are Heyne's signature design elements. His painstaking work brilliantly evokes movement and flow in a static piece. The substantial piece of metal used to create his work feels almost industrial, while simple and elegant.

We find Heyne's aesthetic harmonious with our antique jewelry curation. His jewelry blends in with the wearer, leaving an aura of beautifully understated sophistication.

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