Cut Steel Disc Earrings

Cut Steel Disc Earrings

C.1850-1860.  A pair of disc cut steel earrings. 

Cut steel jewelry was introduced in the Georgian era of British history, around the mid-1700s. This particular type of jewelry is made with polished steel-faceted studs to create a beautiful, dazzling diamond effect. Cut steel was fashioned in many ornaments: jewelry, buttons, shoe buckles, etc. The finer cut steel studs date back to an older period. Throughout the Victorian age, cut steel jewelry continued to be a very popular choice of adornment. The royal families accorded a favored status to cut steel jewelry, as well.

The earrings seem to be an old converted pair of buttons, topped with small round-cut steel studs. The bottom sphere is approximately 20mm in diameter.

Overall the earrings show some wear and rust due to age, but they are in very wearable condition.

$ 280