Objets d'art

Objet d'art

We have a strong appreciation towards beautifully made objects. And things are not made in the same way they used to be created anymore. With that reason,
we have added a small section for objets d'art, so you can shop and share the appreciation. Hope you enjoy it too. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Some of them are not listed online.


We are back!

We are back with lots of new jewels!

We are back from our late winter vacation and also from our busy buying trip. Beautiful new jewels are coming up soon!


Gone Fishing - for Winter Vacation

All orders after 2pm on January 14th will be processed from January 24th. Thank you. 


Holiday Card 2015

Beautiful Georgian Paste Rivière Necklaces

A  good quality Georgian Paste Rivière Necklace never goes wrong.  Perfect for any kind of occasion.