About Us

LAELIUS specializes in antique jewelry from the 18th and 1
9th centuries. We also offer carefully chosen vintage pieces. 

The LAELIUS collection includes some of the rarest finds in antique jewelry. Each piece is individually chosen with great care and discernment. We pride ourselves in our extensive knowledge of the history of antique jewelry as well as an exquisite taste that can only be developed over decades in the high fashion and contemporary art industries. We travel far and wide to unearth unique and beautiful pieces that speak to modern style. Our passion for antique jewelry stems from our appreciation of its sentimentality, unmatched craftsmanship, and distinct styles that can only be found in such pieces.

The name LAELIUS was inspired by the Roman philosopher, Marcus Tullius Cicero (44 B.C), and his story about friendship, ‘LAELIUS DE AMICITIA.’ “It is love (amor), from which the word "friendship" (amicitia) is derived, that leads to the establishing of goodwill.”
We believe that all LAELIUS pieces carry sentiments of goodwill, love, and friendship passed down from generation to generation. We hope the journey continues with you. 



LAELIUS stands behind all the pieces we carry. We meticulously evaluate each piece for its authenticity and accurately describe its quality and condition. We are trained experts in antique jewelry and have in-depth knowledge of the characteristics and craftsmanship of different eras. 

Please note that antique jewelry are hundreds of years old and often show signs of aging and wear. It is a part of the beauty of antique jewelry. Antique jewelry must be treated with care, as they tend to be fragile. Please take care not to scratch or drop the pieces. Most antique jewelry is not suitable to wear in water. Foil-backed items must not come in contact with water, as this will cause discoloration. We also suggest not wearing antique jewelry in the shower, in the pool, at the beach, and during workouts or any kind of vigorous activity. It is highly recommended to keep antique jewelry away from any kind of moisture. We advise against sizing after workouts, as fingers tend to swell during exercise.



- Gift Certificates are available.

- We offer layaway; One third deposit down and the rest in two payments within 45 days, or a half deposit down and the other half within 60 days. The deposits are non-refundable, and the orders with layaway plans are final sale.

- In-person/Private viewing is available in the New York City area by appointment. Serious inquiries only. Please note that all orders from private viewing are final sale. 

- We host several pop-up boutique events in New York City throughout the year. Please be sure to check our events page for dates.

- Repairs and resizing are available for pieces purchased from LAELIUS only. Prices vary depending on the job. Average ring sizing fee is $75.

- Any display forms and antique boxes used are for photography purposes only. All orders are shipped with our own boxes. 



Georgian: 1714-1830

Regency: 1811-1820

Late Georgian: 1780-1830

Early Victorian: 1837-1860  (Queen Victoria 1837-1901)

Mid Victorian: 1860-1885

Late Victorian: 1890-1901

Arts & Crafts: 1880-1910

Art Nouveau: 1890-1910

Edwardian: 1901-1914  (King Edward VII 1901-1910)

Art Deco: 1920-1935

Retro to Modern: 1935/1940s - present