C.1840. Rare French Demi-Parure Suite with Earrings and Brooch

C.1840. Rare French Demi-Parure Suite with Earrings and Brooch

C.1840. A rare French demi-parure suite. A parure is a full matched set of jewelry: typically consisting of a ring, a brooch, a bracelet, a necklace and a pair of earrings. A demi-parure is a smaller set of jewelry that contains two or more pieces. 
Our recent and rare find, this French demi-parure features a gorgeous pair of 'day and night' earrings and a brooch. These are crafted with 18k gold and the most unique blue & black Venetian glass. The earrings are designed to be worn in two different ways; the bottom part of the earrings ('night') can be detached through the top ear wire, and the upper piece ('day') can be worn alone. The pair offers a more elaborate look for the evening, and a simple one during the day. The earrings have a back-to-front closure fitting. A French eagle's head hallmark (750 Paris 1838-1847) is seen on the ear wires. This hallmark indicates French made pieces of gold since 1838, and represents items that have been tested to be constructed of a minimum 18k gold. The set has minor signs of wear commensurate with age and use. Overall condition is very good. 

Earrings Total Drop: Approximately 2.3” (excluding the front wire) or 0.50" (top part)
Width: Approximately 0.63" (at the widest in lower drop)
Weight: 5.45 grams combined

Brooch: Approximately 1.57" x 1" 
Weight: 3.12 grams

*The box is for display only. The set will be shipped in our LAELIUS box for demi-parure. 

$ 7,650