Georgian Crescent Cut Steel Earrings

Georgian Crescent Cut Steel Earrings

C.1800-1810.  A pair of finely made cut steel drop earrings.

Cut steel jewelry was introduced in the Georgian era around the mid-1700s. This particular type of jewelry is made with polished steel-faceted studs to create a beautiful, dazzling diamond effect. Cut steel was fashioned in many ornaments: jewelry, buttons, shoe buckles, etc. The finer cut steel studs date back to an older period. Throughout the Victorian age, cut steel jewelry continued to be a very popular choice of adornment. The royal families accorded a favored status to cut steel jewelry as well.

These earrings are comprised of little crescents at the top, leaf motifs in the middle, and raindrops at the bottom. A very good example of earlier cut steel earrings. Very well preserved with no significant rust. (the red spots in first photo are from the reflection.)  English in origin.

Total Drop: Approximately 2.25” (including the front wire)

$ 1,540