Victorian Large Round Cut Steel Earrings

Victorian Large Round Cut Steel Earrings

C.1850-1860.  A pair of large round cut steel earrings. 

Cut steel jewelry was introduced in the Georgian era around the mid-1700s. This particular type of jewelry is made with polished steel-faceted studs to create a beautiful, dazzling diamond effect. Cut steel was fashioned in many ornaments: jewelry, buttons, shoe buckles, etc. The finer cut steel studs date back to an older period. Throughout the Victorian age, cut steel jewelry continued to be a very popular choice of adornment. The royal families accorded a favored status to cut steel jewelry, as well.

The back these earrings shows that they were once buttons.
The ear wires are silver tone metals, and there is no rust damage on the cut steel discs. A very wearable and simple pair.

Disc: 25mm x 25mm

In Very Good Condition